A high quality kitchen extraction clean at a price you can easily afford in Birmingham

The Best Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Birmingham

Cleaning of kitchen ducts is quite important for having a healthy working and cooking environment. When grease accumulates in the kitchen ducts it can be quite hard to remove them. If grease has been gathering for a long time then it can clog the ducts and the air must night flow through the ducts, giving the kitchen a bad odour from all the cooked food. There is a procedure to clean kitchen ducts and not every cleaning company follows it. For providing the best duct cleaning solution in Birmingham, we are at your disposal.

Most kitchen cleaning companies clean the easy areas and leave the areas which are quite hard to reach. These are the places where the maximum grease accumulates and hence the duct is not cleaned properly.

Before cleaning your duct we do a thorough examination of it to know the areas that need better cleaning and the areas which have the most grease. Through this survey, we come to know about the intensity of cleaning that your duct might need. If there are areas which might be hard to clean, we find ways to do so and not leave them unclean. We ensure one of the best kitchen duct clean in Birmingham.

We Use the Best Equipment for Cleaning

We use Hasman equipment for kitchen extract cleaning in Birmingham. Hasman equipment gives a deeper and better quality cleaning thaw any other procedure. We have high-quality equipment which is teamed up with experienced engineers whose primary focus is to ensure that every inch of your duct is spick and span. Our engineers are proficient at their job and you can share any issues that you might have with them. They will be able to look into the problem areas and work accordingly.

We Remind You About the Cleaning Frequency

Not only do we do a thorough survey of your house, but we also provide you with steps to follow to ensure that your duct is kept clean during the future. Depending on the usage of the duct and the hours that you work in the kitchen we will also be able to mention the frequency with which you need to clean your kitchen.

Get Instant Support from Us

You would be able to get support from us during business hours. You can connect at the Birmingham customer care phone number that is mentioned in the website and you would be able to get support from us. We also provide reminders to our customers before the due date of the cleaning. This way the customer will be able to remember that their cleaning time is nearby and contact with us.

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What do we clean?

We clean the most stubborn and hard to reach places not covered in your regular cleaning routine.

Professional Service

The Best Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Birmingham

Here’s how…

Before work starts a full survey will take place to identify any areas that may be difficult to access. If any problem areas are found, new access panels may need to be created to ensure that we can perform the deepest clean, in turn, making it easier to clean difficult areas the next time we visit.

We then pay meticulous attention during preparation so we do not contaminate other areas of the kitchen when we come to clean. We do this by tightly enclosing the area to be cleaned in polythene and channelling all waste either into a collection vessel or into the drainage.

Our highly skilled and professional team are based in Birmingham.

All work undertaken is carried out by fully trained and qualified engineers to the highest standard. A certificate of compliance conforming to the TR19 indusrty standards is issued after every full clean, which will count as proof that work has been carried out for your landlord, council, insurance company and other legal purposes.

Why choose us?

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    We clean...

    Extraction systems, including the canopies, ducting, grills and fans. air ducts and do full air conditioning cleans.

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    We can...

    Deep clean, fit access doors to ducting, provide replacement carbon filters, high capacity bag filters & baffle grease filters.

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    We provide...

    High quality, professional, cost effective deep kitchen extraction cleaning.