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Can Kitchen Fires Be Avoided By Kitchen Duct Cleaning?

January 2, 2019

Are you the owner of a restaurant? Restaurant management is more than account management and deciding the menu of the place. There are some more tasks that ensure the quality of the food, hygiene and the security of the place. Often, the restaurant owners do not pay any mind to the maintenance of the restaurant.

Kitchen duct cleaning in Telford midlands is important. If the kitchen ducts are dirty for over months and in some cases, even years, it can lead to kitchen exhaust fires. If you wonder how, here is the sequence of events.

  • On the stove top, a flame is set
  • The flames set the filter on the top of the duct on fire
  • Due to the exhaust fan present high on the top, the flames get drawn upwards
  • The grease deposits on the inner walls of the duct catch fire
  • This causes great damage and also acts as a potential threat that can lead to a huge scale fire

Safety Should Be A Prime Concern

In order to prevent the above-mentioned happening, you would need to clean the ducts of your kitchen on a periodic basis. The cleaning schedule is set according to the type of restaurant that you own. If you have a fast food outlet with wood and charcoal burning stoves, you would require kitchen duct cleaning in Telford midlands, every month. In the same way, if you have a pizzeria, then a semi-annual cleaning schedule of your kitchen ducts would do.

To be sure about the safety of your restaurant, you must have at least annual cleaning up of the kitchen ducts. Get the services of a trusted cleaning agency for this job. Duct Air UK is a company that provides kitchen duct cleaning in Telford midlands.

We are the best in the business because cleaning of the kitchen ducts requires experience and skills. Those qualities are present in the employees and servicemen of our company.