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Facts about Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning

May 25, 2021

Kitchen ventilation or extraction system is an essential requirement for a commercial kitchen. A kitchen extraction system removes harmful gases such as carbon monoxide generated during the cooking process from the kitchen air, thereby protecting the health of kitchen staff. It also reduces fire risk by removing grease and cooking oils from the air. In addition, it also sucks in odours generated during cooking.

Some facts about Kitchen ventilation cleaning have been discussed here.

Why Is Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning Essential?

A commercial kitchen is always busy. Due to heavy usage, the kitchen extraction system in a commercial kitchen gets loaded with grease, fat, cooking oil and other deposits. Due to blockage of the airflow cause by such deposits, the load on the extractor fan increases leading to a reduction in efficiency of the extractor.

Impairment in the ability of the extraction system to remove harmful gases and grease from the kitchen air exposes the kitchen staff to respiratory and other diseases besides increasing the risk of fire accidents.

Deep cleaning of the extraction system is needed to meet the TR19 hygiene standards vies-a-vies kitchen ducting. Every commercial kitchen in UK must comply with TR19 standards to operate legally. Fire safety standards also mandate deep cleaning of kitchen extraction system to remove grease and other inflammable deposits.

Insurance companies require proof of deep cleaning of kitchen extraction system to grant coverage to the commercial kitchens. Absence of proof makes the commercial kitchen ineligible for insurance.

Why Are Professional Cleaners Required?

The external parts of the extractor such as the hood can be cleaned using soap and water. But the internal parts such as vents, filters, ducting, canopy and fan cannot be cleaned by soap and water. Grease and other deposits in these areas become stubborn over a period of time and thedeposits develop in many hard to reach areas.

Professional trained cleaners employ special chemicals and equipment to deep clean all the parts and areas of the extraction system. Even narrow and hard areas are cleaned by the professionals. Most importantly, the cleaning is done as per TR19 standards. Professional cleaning also ensures that no component is damaged during the cleaning process. Cleaning report and certificate attesting to the industry standards of the cleaning process are also provided to the kitchen owner.

What Is The Frequency Of Kitchen Ventilation Cleaning?

Annual cleaning is a must for any kitchen extraction system. However, depending upon the hours of usage each day, monthly cleaning may be required.