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Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Leicester

Maintaining a safe and clean environment in your Leicester commercial kitchen is crucial. DuctAir UK specialises in expert duct cleaning services, ensuring safety, compliance, improved air quality, reduced fire risk and extended equipment lifespan


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High quality kitchen duct cleaning services in Leicester at a price you can easily afford

Our professional kitchen duct cleaning service removes built up grease and dirt ensuring all your equipment meets the rigorous safety requirements

Certification of Compliance

We provide a certificate of compliance for every completed work, ensuring adherence to BE&S TR19 industry standards

Highly Skilled Team

Our team comprises of highly trained professionals and experts committed to delivering exceptional service

Why choose DuctAir UK for your Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Leicester?

Kitchen Duct Cleaning London

We Clean

Extraction systems, including the canopies, ducting, grills and fans. air ducts and do full air conditioning cleans

We Can

Deep clean, fit access doors to ducting, provide replacement carbon filters, high capacity bag filters & baffle grease filters

We Provide

High quality, professional, cost effective deep kitchen extraction cleaning

Kitchen Duct Cleaning London

Professional Service

Our priority is making sure your kitchen meets the specified requirements

Here’s how…

Before work starts a full survey will take place to identify any areas that may be difficult to access. If any problem areas are found, new access panels may need to be created to ensure that we can perform the deepest clean, in turn, making it easier to clean difficult areas the next time we visit.

We then pay meticulous attention during preparation so we do not contaminate other areas of the kitchen when we come to clean. We do this by tightly enclosing the area to be cleaned in polythene and channelling all waste either into a collection vessel or into the drainage.

All work undertaken is carried out by fully trained and qualified engineers to the highest standard. A certificate of compliance conforming to the TR19 indusrty standards is issued after every full clean, which will count as proof that work has been carried out for your landlord, council, insurance company and other legal purposes.

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