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Cooking can be hectic and laborious. But what is more laborious than that is maintaining the kitchen. This not only includes the cleanliness of the kitchen but also maintaining the ventilation and exhaust systems. This is very essential as the safety of the kitchen is also related to it. In Telford, you can search online for various professional services for the duct cleaning solutions.

Why The Kitchen Ducts Should Be Cleaned?

  • The Ducts Stop Working Properly

With the oil and grease accumulating in the ducts of the kitchen, the ducts lose the power to absorb more particles, therefore losing their efficiency.

  • Fire Risks Go Up

The most dangerous threat posed by these clogged pores is the outbreak of fire. Even you might lose your claim to insurance if the ducts were found to be kept unclean.

  • Noise Pollution Happens:

When so much of oil and grease clogs the ducts, the sound emission from them increases when they are operated. Thus, the noise level may be uncomfortable for many.

How Often Should You Opt For Duct Cleanings?

Depending on the frequency of cooking, it can be done annually, half-yearly or quarterly.

Minimum annual cleanliness solution is recommended, but if your kitchen is more functional than that, say to a commercial level, then once in 3 months would be a better option.

How Would The Duct Cleaning Process Be Carried On?

Cleaning of the ducts can include wet and dry cleaning techniques. Let us take a look at each of them.

Dry Methods To Keep The Ducts Clean:

You can use Skipper balls or air whips for cleaning the ducts when less amount of dirt is present.

Air Lances use compressed air to clean the ducts.

To pull the dirt out, hand vacuums could be used.

Wet Methods to Keep Ducts Clean

  • Steam removes the oil and grease by dissolving them.
  • Some chemicals could be used for the kitchen duct cleaning.
  • Hand washing method could also be implemented for removing the particulates.

What Are The Methods To Monitor The Particulate Matters In The Ducts?

  • Dust Vacuum Test
  • Indicative Test
  • Deposit Thickness Test
  • Wet Film Thickness Test

So, keep your kitchen ducts clean and avoid calamities like a fire outbreak. For more details on kitchen duct cleaning in Telford midlands, you can log on to kitchenductclean.com and avail the best quality services for an excellent functioning kitchen. The high-quality services provided in the best affordable price is a deal you don’t want to miss out on.